ICEPAW Reset Pure Dry Food 2kg

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  • Complete food for adult dogs
  • with herring & easily digestible rice
  • with 23 % crude protein and 11 % fat
  • for dogs with sensitive stomach
  • suitable for dietary change
  • suitable as elimination diet 
  • 31 days - cure
  • gluten-free
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    Ohne künstliche Farb- und Zusatzstoffe glutenfrei

    ICEPAW Reset Pure dry food

    ICEPAW Reset pure is a high-premium dry food developed for food-sensitive adult dogs. It consists of tasty herring as the only animal protein source and easily digestible rice. ICEPAW Reset pure is ideal for an exclusion diet to identify food intolerances or allergies. It is important that the dog has not been fed exclusively on fish (herring) and rice beforehand. Food-sensitive dogs are often sensitive to beef, corn or wheat, but also to added flavorings or flavor enhancers. Dry food made from fish is a suitable alternative on the menu of the food-sensitive four-legged friend. ICEPAW Reset pure is initially fed as a cure for 31 days. During this period we recommend feeding only Reset pure, which consists of only one animal protein source (herring) and one carbohydrate source (rice). During the 31 day cure, the dog's metabolism is "resetet", detoxified.

    31 Day Cure:
    • Note any noticeable changes during the cure.
    • Do dandruff, skin, fecal consistency, flatulence improve?
    • We will assist you with nutritional questions at no charge.

    Fish meal (herring) 23%, rice 22%, rice flour 22%, animal fat, broken rice 6%, salmon oil 4%, dried beet pulp, linseed oil 0.20%, glucosamine HCI 0.01%, yucca schidigera 0.01%

    TIP: At the beginning of the exclusion diet, the dog's digestion may be irritated for a short time. This is a sign that the body is reacting to the food ingredients. The goal of the exclusion diet is to identify the food ingredient that is causing the intolerance or allergy. Even after the first course of treatment, symptoms such as itching, diarrhea, bloating, flaky skin, eczema or dull coat may subside or disappear. This may be an indication that the allergy or intolerance has been triggered by other feed ingredients fed in the past. At this point, the majority of our satisfied customers continue feeding with the Reset pure or switch to the Adult pure. However, the allegenic ingredient has not yet been found.

    In the next step, if desired, it can now be determined to which food components the quadruped reacts allergically or with intolerances, provided the symptoms have subsided. For this purpose, the food components known from the past are now gradually fed again until a reaction is recognizable. In this way, the allergenic ingredients can be identified by exclusion diet.

    If there is no change after the first course of Reset pure, we recommend switching to United pure for another 90 days. The High Premium food for sensitive dogs consists of the same ingredients, but in a different dosage. Alternatively, the hypoallergenic varieties Insect pure or Aztec pure offer another possibility to feed the food-sensitive four-legged friend healthy and species-appropriate.

    We will be happy to support you on which food is best suited to your dog's individual needs.

    Allergy or intolerance?
    If a dog does not tolerate its food, there may be an allergy or intolerance. Both terms are often mistakenly used as synonyms. In the case of an allergy, an overreaction of the immune system occurs due to repeated ingestion of substances (food components) that are harmless in themselves. The immune system begins to fight the allergenic substances that the dog does not tolerate - defensive reactions such as diarrhea, itching or inflammation can be the result. Food allergies occur less frequently in dogs. Intolerances, on the other hand, are much more common and are steadily increasing.

    In the case of food intolerance or intolerance, the dog's own defense system is not involved. Here, the dog's organism is simply unable to process, break down or even absorb certain food components. In contrast to allergy, small amounts of the allergen can be tolerated. Food intolerances usually occur very delayed and can also manifest with diarrhea or itching.

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