Which products are included in the bonus program?

All dry food for dogs and cats

How can I participate in the bonus program?

Simply request the ICEPAW collection card for 2 kg bags or 14 kg or 15 kg bags with your next order. Alternatively, you can order the collection card via our contact form.

How does the ICEPAW bonus program work?

You will receive a blue paw sticker with every purchase of a 14 kg or 15 kg bag of ICEPAW dry food. For every 2 kg bag of dry food (dog or cat) you will receive a green Paws sticker. Simply collect the stickers and send the full card to ICEPAW. As a thank you for your loyalty you will receive the 13th bag of dry food for free. Only the shipping costs have to be paid. Please note on the card, the name of the dryfood you would like to receive for free!

Important to know!

 Remember that you must actively request a paw sticker with each order of dry food, this does not happen automatically. It is best to note the info "bonus program" in the comment field when completing your order. Stickers of both colors cannot be mixed on one card. Only full cards with blue paw stickers only, or full cards with green paw stickers only can be submitted. Not redeemable for cash or combinable with other discounts.