ICEPAW Story of Success

ICEPAW stands for the paw of the polar bear. This symbolises the closeness to the wilderness, nature and snow and the great passion of the founder of ICEPAW. Behind ICEPAW are real professionals, a team of nutritional specialists and dog sportsmen with decades of experience. Founder and owner of the family business Michael Tetzner is a sled dog world champion, multiple World Cup winner and a globally recognised figure in dog sledding. Together with his family, he lives on the Tetzner Racing Sled Dog Farm in Burg/ Dithmarschen on the Kiel Canal. With his wife Doreen and daughter Leonie, he shares the great passion of dogs and the fascination of dog sledding.

During his races, Michael Tetzner was often a guest of the Native Americans of Canada and Alaska. He noticed that the dogs were extremely healthy, resistant and capable. Surprisingly, the dogs were fed only on fish scraps - according to the Inuit, the best food for dogs. Michael Tetzner began to experiment with various food mixtures and different fish proportions and soon developed his own recipes, which finally brought the breakthrough and the world championship title. Over the years, countless other titles, prizes, course records and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records followed.

ICEPAW was founded in 2012, what once started from an idea to develop high-quality food for its own sled dogs has become a global player in the petfood industry. Decades of practical experience and nutritional analyses from sled dog sport at world champion level have gone into the development of all ICEPAW products. In the meantime, ICEPAW offers a large variety of complete feeds, snacks and high-quality food supplements, especially for nutritionally sensitive animals with food intolerances.

Michael Tetzner, ICEPAW founder and sportsman with heart and passion

Michael's journey on the sled began in the spring of 1987 when he attended a sled dog race in St. Andreasberg. Already in the following year he formed his first own team and won his first international title with six dogs. Soon after, the big dream was born to compete at the top of European and World Championships. This goal has long since been achieved: Michael has been racing for over 20 years, seven of them as a professional. Since the winter of 1993/94, he has been competing in the demanding top class, in which teams with more than eight dogs compete against each other.

Great successes of his musher career (excerpt):

  • World Cup Winner
  • 1st in TOK one of the Triple Crown races
  • 1st Fur Rendezvous Invitational
  • ISDRA Silver Medal King Class
  • ISDRA Silver Medal Ten Dog Class
  • ISDRA Silver Medal Eight Dog Class   
  • 1st in TOK one of the Triple Crown Races
  • 1st Eagle River Classic
  • 1st Northpole
  • World Champion
  • Vice World Champion
  • 1st Asdra Point Alaska
  • 1st Montana Creek Championship 
  • Guinness-Book World Record

Leonie Tetzner, Young talent

Leonie, now a teenager, is, like her father and founder of ICEPAW, Michael Tetzner, an enthusiastic dog fan and sled dog athlete. Leonie steered her first dog sled when she was three years old. From an early age she shared the fascination of sled dog sport with her successful parents.

Since the age of 4, Leonie has been training for the annual World Championship in Alaska. Leonie is a multiple World Sled Dog Champion and American Champion and has also won countless other prizes and awards. Her successes are unique in the history of sled dog sport.

Doreen Tetzner - Sporting heart and soul

Behind every successful man is a strong woman. Michael's wife. Doreen also shares the great passion of sled dog sport with her family. She is not only the coordinator in the background, but is also very ambitious herself when it comes to sports. Her own most exciting participation was the mass start in Oslo in the 4 dog class. At the World Championships in Hamar 2011, she was best German in the 6 dog class. 

Biggest successes:

 Norma Rasmussen Memorial Race six dog class 1st place

 Norma Rasmussen Memorial Race four dog class 2nd place 

  South Central Challenge six dog class 2nd place

  Eagle River Classic six dog class 2nd place

  Eagle River Classic four dog class 3rd place

  North Pole Championship ten dog class 4th place 

  North Pole Championship six dog class 4th place