ICEPAW Nutritional Concept

Food-sensitive dogs are often sensitive to beef, maize or wheat, but also to added flavourings or flavour enhancers. As a result, many dogs show itching, diarrhoea, flatulence, flaky skin, eczema or a dull coat. 

The majority of ICEPAW dry food consists of fish as the only source of protein, which is particularly suitable for nutritionally sensitive animals. Due to the particularly tender structure of fish and its low connective tissue content, it breaks down much more quickly in the stomach, making it easier to digest than meat and quickly supplying the body with important nutrients. 

If a dog does not tolerate its food, it may have an allergy or intolerance. Both terms are often mistakenly used as synonyms.

Allergy or intolerance?

In the case of an allergy, an overreaction of the immune system occurs due to repeated ingestion of food components that are harmless in themselves. The immune system begins to fight the allergenic substances with defensive reactions, diarrhoea, itching or inflammations can be the result. However, food allergies occur rather rarely in dogs. In the case of food intolerance or intolerance, the dog's own defence system is not involved. In this case, the dog's organism is simply unable to process, break down or even absorb certain food components. In contrast to an allergy, small amounts of the allergen can be tolerated. Food intolerance usually occurs very late and can also manifest itself with diarrhoea or itching.

What is an elimination diet?

The aim of an exclusion diet is to identify the food component that triggers an intolerance or allergy. At the beginning of the exclusion diet, the dog's digestion may be irritated for a short time. Our dry foods should be seen as part of an elimination diet to identify a food tailored to the dog. The last step of an elimination diet is to determine which food ingredients the dog reacts to, provided the symptoms have subsided. For this purpose, the known food components from the past are gradually reintroduced until a reaction is recognisable.

Clean and detoxify your dog's metabolism

At ICEPAW, we have developed a special nutrition concept. The ICEPAW traffic light offers a clear guide through our product range.

Products with a green label are ideal for dogs without intolerances or allergies. Products with a yellow label, such as Reset pure, are suitable for dogs with a suspected intolerance. We recommend ICEPAW Reset pure as the first choice. The high premium food made from vitamin-rich herring and highly digestible rice is ideal as part of an exclusion diet to identify food intolerances or allergies. ICEPAW Reset pure is initially fed as a course of treatment for 31 days. During this phase we recommend feeding only the Reset pure. During the cure, make sure to offer the dog only products with fish as a reward or chew.

After 31 days, the metabolism is detoxified and cleansed. We recommend that you make a note of any noticeable changes during the 31-day cure. Do dandruff, skin, faeces consistency, flatulence improve? If your dog tolerates the treatment well, you can switch to ICEPAW Adult pure (green label). It is based on the same recipe as the Reset pure, but has a slightly higher fresh fish content and minimally higher protein and crude fat values. 

If you notice no or hardly any changes after the 31-day cure, we recommend a follow-up cure with ICEPAW United pure (red label) for dogs with intolerances or allergies. Sometimes the dog's organism needs a little longer to cleanse itself internally. To permanently eliminate diarrhoea, flatulence and dull coat, we recommend feeding the United pure for another 90 days.