The nutritional concept of ICEPAW:

The dog descends from the wolf and needs the complete range of nutrients of his prey every day to be properly fed. This also includes the herbal ingredients. For this reason, raw feeding with e.g. slaughterhouse waste is an one-sided diet.

In order to avoid food intolerance, to ensure a good nutrient supply and to facilitate easy food intake and utilization, the feed components are clearly defined (lamb & rice excluded):

    1. An animal protein source - marine fish (single protein)
    2. Rice as main carbohydrate source (easily digestible)
    3. With valuable fish oil (omega-3/6-fatty acids)

All ICEPAW products can be combined very well, since the feed compositions are coordinated with each other. Whether dry food, wet food or with the snacks and oils.

What kind does your dog need?

We recommend to only use Reset pure for about one month. After this period, it is usually possible to determine whether your dog is healthy or is suffering from a food intolerance / allergy or other problems.

ICEPAW Adult pure or United pure is then suitable for healthy dogs.
For special requirements, we have the special grades Senior Light pure and Lamb & Rice in the assortment.
Sport pure is a high-protein and energy-rich feed for very active, long-lasting dogs.