Nutritional concept of ICEPAW:

With the ICEPAW traffic light system we guide you through our product range and support you in finding the optimal food for your dog. 

Our unique full range from sustainable, controlled fishing, consists of a variety of products which support your dog  in all phases of life depending on the need and activity level.
Hypoallergenic feed alternatives made from deer or insect protein complete the ICEPAW product range. In order to ensure optimal nutrient utilization, we avoid long, confusing ingredient lists.
ICEPAW feed ingredients are clearly defined and consist of only one source of protein and carbohydrate source.
Countless satisfied customers appreciate the unique bioavailability and quality of our products.

Is there an intolerance?

Then decide specifically for the suitable product in the area marked in red here.

Your dog does not tolerate his previous food? The suspicion of an intolerance exists?

Then choose the product here in the yellow marked area. We recommend to start with a 31-day cure. Note any noticeable changes during the cure. 
After the cure, our nutritional experts will, if desired, work with you to create a further, individual nutritional plan for your dog.

Your dog has no intolerances?

Then you can choose according to individual preferences from products in the area marked green here.
Upon request, our nutrition experts will advise you which food is the most suitable for your dog.

ICEPAW dryfood for dogs, based on fish:

ICEPAW dryfood for dogs, based on insects, lamb and game: