5th world championship title for Leonie Tetzner

2021-03-15 16:45:00 / News
5th world championship title for Leonie Tetzner - 5th world championship title for Leonie Tetzner

Leonie still can hardly believe it. She has not only defended her world championship title in Alaska, but also set 3 course records with her dogs Rage and Leila, making her the sled dog world champion for the 5th time. The 10-year-old girl is an exceptional talent and her successes so far unique in the history of sled dog sport. Out of approximately 120 competitors worldwide in her class, Leonie beat out 6 other finalists in February (19-21) 2021. The 3.38 km race course in the forest area of Anchorage (Alaska) has been around since 1946, and is run on three consecutive days. Leonie competed in the 2-dog class and, with top speeds of over 40 kilometers per hour, not only set the fastest time on all race days, but beat her own course record on each occasion. The difficulty in her starting class: Leonie drives with her two dogs, Rage and Leila, without reins. Leonie can only lead them with her voice. This requires special sensitivity, trust and real teamwork.

At home in Burg/ Dithmarschen, on the Tetzner Racing Farm, Leonie takes over the feeding of 60 sled dogs. Together with her parents, she shares the fascination of sled dog sport and actively supports the care and rearing of the dogs from puppy to senior. Leonie is a role model for many children, and adults can also learn a lot from the 10-year-old girl. With her willpower, her passion for dogs and her ability to play in a team, Leonie has been able to win all the races and qualifying races in her life so far. Together with her father, Michael Tetzner, himself a sled dog world champion and professional musher, she prepares her dogs for competitions.

Only two weeks after winning the World Championship and her 5th World Championship title, Leonie also wins the American Sled Dog Championships. Her biggest wish is to defend her titles next year and continue to live the fascination of sled dog sports. Learn more about Leonie on her website: https://www.leonietetzner.de/