Michael Tetzner - Sportsman with Heart and Passion

Michaels career on the sled originated in the spring of 1987 when visiting a sled dog farm in St. Andreasberg. Already the year after, he formed his first team and drove his first international title with six dogs. Soon after, the great dream was born to be at the forefront of European and world championships. This goal has long been achieved: for more than 20 years Michael has been racing and for seven years as a professional. Since the winter of 1993/94, he has competed in the challenging ISDRA top tier, running more than eight dogs in the team.

Great successes (extract):

2017 Worldcup winner
2016 1st place in TOK one of the Triple Crown races
2016 1st place Fur Rendezvous Invitational 
2016 ISDRA silver medal top tier
2016 ISDRA silver medal 10  dog class
2016 ISDRA silver medal 8 dog class
2015 1st place in TOK one of the Triple Crown races
2015 1st place, Eagle River Classic
2015 1st place, Northpole
2012  World champion
2011  Runner-up in world championships
2010  1st place, Asdra Point Alaska
2010  1st place, Montana Creek Championship
1999  Guinness Book of World Records

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