1. Vital-Plus component Taurine

Taurine is a substance which is similar both to vitamins and amino acids. Although it is produced by the dog itself, it can prevent cardiac diseases and assist the immune system as a well-dosed supplement.
Taurine helps to neutralise free radicals, speeds up the metabolism or improves digestion and stimulates brain activity – your dog is more attentive and has higher concentration levels.

2. Vital-Plus component Glucosamine

Enriched glucosamine (e.g. from bowls of green-lipped mussels) strengthens the joint functions and assists the production of cartilage.
This will make your dog more resilient and improve its performance levels both when it is young and in its prime. It promotes movement and zest for life in old age.

3. Vital-Plus component Rosemary

Rosemary has numerous positive effects for dogs. In principle, when dosed correctly, it has a vitalising and activating effect.
It also relieves tension and pain, promotes the circulation and digestion and has an anti-inflammatory effect.